Monday, February 01, 2010

The joys of motherhood


goooooooodmawninnng chweetheart...hooose mammas chweethaaart, yoo are,yesh yoo aar


Yank my hair one more time and I'll......awwwww you really are a cute little monkey arnt you,give 
mamma a kiss.

Middle of the night

BABY!! sleep!! no no NO dont do mamma is not giving you any more.....hush close your eyes
SLEEP you little monkey or mamma's gonna.....aaaaagggghhhhh dont pull mamma's hair!

Fine thats it!!! Play with your toys, do whatever you want, mamma's going to sleep.

Middle of the  night plus thirty minutes ,

Papa -blissfully asleep,mamma- staring red eyed at the computer screen ,
fatfeetmcdrooly- discovering the taste of his pillows!

Ah, the joys of motherhood!


The Restless Quill said...

I love your about me section. That's what brought me here. But I like your blog too. Congratulations on the new baby :)

MRC said...

:D Thanks ,and I love that you loved all that. Keep visiting.

shail said...

Awww.. though in a way I am glad those days are behind me and I am a free bird, I remember those days with wistfulness. How lovely it all was... Hmm... may be it's time to be a grandma! ;)

MRC said...

:D Shail,thats the suggestion to be given to your offspring...

I know what you mean to some extent,
Im already looking at his just born pics and thinking that I didnt kiss him enough!!


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