Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This morning, I was listening to some "old" 80's songs,which just started me thinking, sometimes, just because some singers have been very famous for a long time, they just appear to fade in the face of younger , more visible ones....which is a very natural thing, but when you do listen to some of the music from their best years, it just seems like they were really streets ahead of most of the new lot ....hmm...I think I'm getting old(...'cos I remember my folks saying something similar about music from their teens to 20s/30s )!

And its not just the music that I like, just a few days back, I was trying to explain to a class of 11-12yr olds , the concept of sectors and tracks in a floppy or a CD, when I came up with the bright idea of asking them to recall the grooves on old vinyl records, ( which were on their way out in the mid-80s, when I was a little younger than my class)...the total blank looks that I got in return made me feel ANCIENT! For God's sake, Im only in my late 20s! the world is really changing fast....or was it always like that?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What A Feeling!

When the "Ms" in front of my name meant "Miss",

My humble stereo would mainly play the likes of ABBA,Cliff Richards ,Assorted Oldies, some of the latest songs on TV...Oh OK just a teeny weeny bit of Britney Spears;)

Now that "Ms" is "Mrs" (ok ok I am in the "aunty" category...)

Courtesy of my significant other (and his HUMONGOUS CD collection), I've come to think that hard rock, all the 80's pop etc. also have their merits , and well I know about the existence of some one called Judas Priest...Not to mention all the cheesy Hindi movie remixes that I used to wince at......well, I no longer wince at ALL of them...

When the "Ms" in front of my name meant "Miss",

My book shelf and the odd carton or two , mainly had loads of Agatha Christie, Wodehouse, a few Alistair Macleans, some Asterix-Obelix, lots of Erle Stanley Gardner ( remember Perry Mason).....maybe a few Danielle Steele's( c'mon I am a woman after all!)

Guess what -Now that I have a hyphenated sirname,If someone mentioned, "Dirk Pitt"(Clive Cussler) or "Sean Dillon"(Jack Higgins) or "Creasy"(A J Quinnel) I wouldnt look blank.......but what would really make me smile with satisfaction would be any one of Dick Francis's books....the "hero" in all the books that I've read so just my kind of guy....real, sensible,calm, intelligent, fact , I married some one who's like that ( He's also a lot of fun:)

So guess why I wrote this one.....ok, I'll give you a hint, have you heard of a song called-"Top of the World".....

Hello...helloooooo...ahem...Hi :)

Hey there...In case you're wondering, yes this IS the Firstever Post of my Firstever Blog.
Still interested? Well if you are ,then read on , although I am not much of a writer ,but as I do love to just generally ramble on
(as my long suffering and mostly silent friends and family would confirm)....and since there seem to be a lot of like minded bloggers out there, well I am :)

So what should I talk about hmmmm.......ok, lets about some of my favourite things such as Food, Books and Music...(not all of them and not necessarily but generally in that order;)....Well, I am what is fashionably known as a "Foodie" long as I dont have to cook it! Which basically means that restaurants do better business If I am in town at the begining of the month;) Don't believe me? Well ask my spouse what we did most when we were dating (imaginatively inclined minds please go surf where else for porn;).

Next, Books....yes I HAVE read the "Da Vinci Code", and NO I havnt seen the movie yet!Personally,
I feel that the people earning anything from the book and the movie really know that there is no such thing as bad publicity.....I wonder how many people would remember the book and (I assume) the movie as anything but a good murder mystery unless there was such a big "controversy" about it?

Ok, so now that I've expressed my two paisa worth of opinion on THE controversial book of this year, lets talk some more about books....does anyone remember PG Wodehouse, and the televised version of "Jeeves and Wooster" .....well, If you do, check out "Bertie Wooster" playing a crabby, cynical "Dr House"....I guess I am old fashioned and actors have to "evolve" but I wish he hadn't played this character...he was just sooooooo adorable as Bertie!

Well, I guess I am out of opinions for today.....Oh, I almost forgot, yes I will be posting some boring tid bits about my days, eventually......:)


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