Wednesday, October 04, 2006



  • That I "hide" his wallet and I-Card in his cupboard, rather than in plain sight on the Dining room table/drawing room sofa/bedside table, i.e. where they were supposed to be,since he dumped them there......

  • When he wants to eat Maggi /order out, even though I've made some sabzi and roti for dinner, I don't (always) throw a full-blown tantrum (just a medium strength one) about how I slaved in the kitchen (for a change;) and that a meal minus chicken is edible......and after that I filch just a teeny tiny bit of his Maggi-dinner or order my own Chicken dinner sa that he may have his in peace;)

  • That I (generally) skip the nail polish part when I am getting ready for a party.....JUST so I can tuck in his shirt properly and we can be there EXACTLY on time , by his watch... 5 minutes before time by mine...since he sets his 5 minutes ahead of mine in a misguided attempt to panic me into hurrying up on the rare occassions that I might be having a disagreement about elevation and draping styles, with my Sari;)
  • After he has a LOOOOONG day at work, and he STILL wants to drive to town ,( which is 35 kms away ) for a "Tafri and Dinner", I bear Mr. OOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo Reshammiya with grace and dignity, for the first ten minutes.....(After that he's too busy talking to notice when I switch CDs;)

Wait a minute....I think that's him at the door to close and run otherwise it might be premature star gazing time;)


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