Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random Number Seven

A while ago, I got tagged by GM and Noor to do a post with seven random things about me.Sorry for being tardy folks, but real life intrudes at the most inconvenient times !Anyway  in the spirit of "better late than never", here are seven random things about me-

1.I LOVE most sweets, candies, chocolates etc. but have never been able to even approach cotton candy without feeling nauseous.

2.I enjoy swimming, have taught myself how to do it,but circumstances have been such that I haven't been near a swimming pool in the last two years...sigh.

3.As a child, I used to think that old pictures were black and white because of a very simple reason, the WORLD was that way. Don't ask me when colour seeped in.

4.I am not religious, maybe because very early in life , I heard my father say that "If God is everywhere, then he/she/it  doesn't need to be worshipped only in a particular place in a particular way". Yet , I have no objection to accompanying my mother to a puja pandal , she does the idol worship, I do the gastronomic worship.

5.My musical tastes are pretty narrow, mostly western pop from the fifties to the eighties, with a smattering of the new stuff from my teens onwards.

6.I love reading,can't stop till I finish the book  BUT a week after I've finished it, if anyone asked me what I liked about the book, I wouldn't be able to recall anything other than the general story!

7.I know a little about a lot of stuff. I am dangerous.
    Now the rules for passing on the tag are
           1) You have to tag 7 people.
           2) You have to link their pages in your tag post
           3) You have to leave a comment in their comments section telling them they've  been tagged.
           4) You have to say who tagged you.

Well for me, except for point no.1 , all the rest are possible. I just dont know that many bloggers well enough to tag them(Let this be a warning to lurkers on this blog, delurk and you run the risk of being tagged sometime). So I am going to tag  as many as I can, which is why Shail, Piper,Tara, Trish, and Newmum, you've been tagged ,or retagged as the case may be.


      Wednesday, March 17, 2010

      Monday, March 15, 2010

      Incidental Rhymes on Birthday Time

      On this blog
      The regular reader may know
      Rhymes are a no show  
      and tho she may grieve
      on the eve
      of  birthday number thirty one,
      Blaming , maybe her mum
      and  dad,
      (she hastens to add)
      this blogger went mad
      racking her brain
      (almost had a migraine)
      came up with a rhyme horribly bad
      still, before she went to bed
      she took the the time
      to re read this rhyme
      and pressed publish instead

      so go on
      wish her a happy one

      and after you do
      read on,wont you
      little did she know
      what led her to do it
      you know,
      show up her inner po it.

      Now that it's done
      She looks around to tag
      who else,but new mum
      Come on, show us
      open up the bag, 
      and dig out a pome
      dont be shy,
      let fly
      even your worst
      wont be as bad
      or sad
      as this verse

      Saturday, March 13, 2010

      Weekend Tales

      So people, have I mentioned that the husband had gone out on TD for a few days? Well, he came back, we spent a weekend in Hyderabad, where( for once ) I decreed declared that all this hibernating in teeny tiny small town thing was getting to be too much and that the weekend was to be spent in pursuit of better things, namely shopping and eating out. Despite the meaningful smiles that  were exchanged between father and son at this decree , we managed to spend two and a half days doing exactly that. A high chair and some toys were bought(among other things), loads of overpriced and not so overpriced food was snarfed down by self and spouse with baby on sleep-on-mamma /chew on pram /play peek-a-boo with strangers mode.

      So it was that last Sunday night, while getting out of the car on our way to renew our acquaintance with an old favorite haunt for Chinese, when some not-so-chinesey odors were smelt. After some consultation with the hostess at the restaurant, we were graciously given a private dining room to deal with the said odors and their source. That is when Murphy's law struck us , or rather the flimsy end of the last clean diaper tore as I was tugging on the sticky end of it. The husband who in his characteristically cool way had  lightened the baby bag before leaving for the day's mall jaunt,overruling my horror stricken protests with  "two is enough redundancy and we're going to a mall anyway" or words to that effect , just looked a little sheepish while I counted to ten and took deep breaths. Of course, he had no choice but to suggest that one end of the diaper and the elastic waist of the Artimator's shorts would literally keep things high and dry. Since I had no option but to believe him, a chinese meal ensued , with much adjusting of the one eared diaper .Apparently fate thought that we needed to see  the writing on the wall, and since there were only fancy glass walls around, the message was conveyed to us via some fortune cookies at the end of the meal. Here's what was inside Artim's 

      "It is up to you to create your own adventures today"
      (as in,your work is not done yet, go to sleep on mamma's lap and then keep her awake the rest of the night)


      "You Are in For enlightening experience"

      (as in,You DO know better when it comes to packing the baby's day bag and most of the time)

      and dad's,

      " A new sense of clarity is coming into your life" .

      (as in , Don't mess with the boss wife, or if you do , make sure you're helping her clean up and looking suitably sheepish while doing so in order to escape the  looks that can kill gentle remonstration coming your way when the s hits the f or the d )

      And if you thought THAT was an exciting weekend, well , you're wrong folks. Read on to find out why.

      Thursday, March 04, 2010

      Well, the husband came home yesterday

       and has left again just almost lightening speed. Guess, why I STILL didn't get any rest in the afternoon, even though Artim very graciously slept for two hours....

      Before you let your imagination run away with you

      Monday, March 01, 2010

      An entirely pointless tale of woe

      Well, the husband is out on tour ,for  this  (among other things ) for a few days and this time the grandson magnet hasn't been switched on  has met it's match in the grandparents own commitments. WHY do grandparents have to have a life of their own!!

      Anyway, so here I am , looking after baby all by myself for the last few days . Going to bed at night has become an exercise in obsessive door locking,barricading with chair,hiding something sharp in the bedroom  ,struggling with a tired but reluctant to sleep baby and self. Sure enough, things began unravelling the day after the husband left. The land line (and internet) went on a break(repaired after 48 hours and long distance telephonic intervention from the spouse, the baby had his first fall from the pram( and thankfully had nothing broken ), then the only tubelight in the computer room literally went on the blink!The icing on the cake was of course one night or rather at 4 am that morning, when I was lying in bed petrified because there was


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