Saturday, March 10, 2012

An Incredible Experience

Anyone who knows me , knows this about me, I like my afternoon nap , and I like it long, and for the sake of having an unchewed head , until about 15  a few minutes after I wake up, it's best not to ask me to do anything resembling  work . Oh wait, that was before I became the Artimator's mater. Should you like the pleasure of my company in decent clothes,the best way (to avoid head banging and nail chewing injuries) is to ask me (nicely) atleast  a few hours in advance. In short, in those good old days, waking me up from a nap prematurely and asking me to get ready quickly and leave the house was a task not to be undertaken by anyone who wanted to have a peaceful evening.

As it happened ,one  evening,around 6 ish, a few years ago, since the spouse was woken up by a call on his mobile, I was lying in bed just lazily wondering  who it was (that dared), when the spouse  finished his call and  said something to me  that caused me to literally  jump out of bed, for the first time ever in my life.

Five minutes later, I was dressed  and standing at the door, politely actually asking the hubby whether he would be able to make it out of bed the same day (a feat that gave me great satisfaction,because usually I am at the receiving end of that one!)


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