Thursday, August 30, 2012

Artistic Milestones

"Autumn Woods" Original Watercolour , on Canson watercolour paper.  Size 9.5" x12.2"

As some of you may have guessed by now, I've been smitten with the painting bug of late, and that my medium of choice is watercolours. Well, this month has seen two milestones in my artistic journey, I have sold a my very first lot of watercolour paintings!

(Doing a happy,very ,very undignified jig now)

Okay, serious face back on

The second milestone, largely catalysed by the first is the launch of  my Facebook page,

(You can see it on Facebook, by clicking on the badge in the sidebar. )

While Im not great or famous as an artist (not by a long shot), I would love it if you'd drop by and take a look  at my original artwork, and let me know what you think.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Psychedelic Sand

is what Im calling  my latest original  watercolour painting.

"Psychedelic Sand" Original watercolour on Arches paper

and if you want to see all of my paintings, have a look at the Picasa album on the sidebar or if you want to see most of them together , look here .

Update : This painting is one of the first paintings that I've sold :D 

For the latest information about my  paintings and prices , please visit my Facebook page, "The Coloured Wall"  or write to me at

Friday, August 03, 2012

For the record

It's been a while, like it always is, between posts. I have the tendency to start something, like blogging and then quickly lose interest in it when life becomes more interesting  hectic, so before I lose interest again, here's whats been happening, in the last few months

- Moved houses across the length of the country , and packed in lots of stuff  and experiences along the drive from cool Conoor

to hot hot hot Jodhpur!

-Met a blogger friend and clicked so well with her that I realised I should do it more often.What say Manasi ?
-Almost met another blogger friend, because she had some scheduling problems, oh well, maybe next time we do a cross country trip! (Noor  , you'll have to tie that phone of yours to a dupatta)

-The Artimator has turned three

 and FINALLY begun school ! 

-Settled into a new house, and still managed to stick with my latest obsession, Watercolour painting.
Speaking of which , have you seen my latest watercolour paintings? I've been gifting a few of them to friends, and am planning on selling them online. Anyone interested in gifting one to their friends?


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