Saturday, January 30, 2010

On Arranged Marriage

I have been reading a lot of posts against "arranged marriages" and many of them rightly so. However, there is another kind of arranged marriage,
which is arranged only in the sense that instead of meeting a potential mate by chance, the couple is introduced by design,like we were.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Early morning conversation between groggy self and off-to-work husband

Husband: Wear something nice today, we'll take a snap when I get back from work
Groggy Self: Huh?why
Husband: Just want to try out the results of the new camera, and we'll put that on the desktop for our anniversary pic.
Groggy Self:mmmmm

Groggy self went back to sleep, thinking the hubby sure had changed since the kid!Earlier ,our desktop pics used to be exclusively those of his first love.(not self,see sidebar pic)

Monday, January 25, 2010

A Long And Rambling Post In Which No Problems Are Predicted

I've had a very protected upbringing and so by the time I began "dating", I hadn't really shed the rose coloured glasses.After having my heart broken one time too many, I decided to let the parents start looking for a man to marry.Anyway, after the first round of replying to classified ads, the folks had pruned the list down to  four guys,who might not be all that bad,and who could be met with in Delhi, where I was working at the time. From all of these guys ,there was only one guy whom I actually wanted to meet,the others were to be met because they were also in Delhi.

Since my parents are not Delhi based, the whole meet-the-guy(s) took place at a very close family friends place in Delhi.So, here's what happened over the next four days-

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life goes on

This month last year,

We were planning our anniversary party.
My sweet baby boy was in my womb.

This day last year,

My husband went to work ,flew an aircraft ,landed a little later and came home.

And at a dear friend's house,

A wife and child were kissed goodbye in the morning.
He went to work, took off in a similar aircraft about the same time as my husband did.

The next day, his only child took her first steps.

I was among those who saw her take them, and my heart broke because her father never would.

This past year could not have been easy on D's dad and R, but being the strong people that they are, they've chosen to remember him with love and happiness. After that fateful day last year, till the time D's family left this base, we spent our evenings at their house, sharing a few drinks, his favourite biryani and all the good memories of a life well lived.These are my memories of how I came to know D.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mountain View

(Reposted from my blog on rediff)

This is my latest effort at painting from picture postcards. The photograph may look shiny in places because it was taken when this painting was still in the process of drying.
If you have seen this view before and can recognise it, then you have probably lived and/or travelled to Europe and I”ve done a decent job of painting it ;)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A mad duck

So the husband is away, and the parents have driven down to meet their daughter and six month old grandson. When the car was unloaded,out came a very shaken duck

It had gone a little potty!


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