Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Arti ONE

Some moments seem endless,and yet a year later, I can scarcely remember the discomfort of the restless nights, the hospital stay , the pre-op room ... When I looked at the clock then, every minute, wondering , praying , hoping to come out of it with some of my old self back, little did I know, that a year later , I wouldn't even care. All that I remember now is that first loud,lusty cry which made me smile and forget all about asking the long suffering anaesthetist for a blow by blow account of "What are they doing now?". All that I see now is my precious sleeping bundle of joy a.k.a the little slave driver, who'll wake up soon and drive us , his devoted slaves nuts, as he has for this last one year.

                                        Happy Birthday Artim

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

May I have your kind attention please,

My dear friends, readers (if any) , blogging friends and all combinations thereof,

How have you been? Sorry, for the long absence folks, things have been busy and Artim's ma has been lazy-er than usual .Other than that  I've been well , as well as one may deem sitting around  and getting heavier by the day to be.

And now for the Artimator update,

-One tooth has made it's mamma biting appearance.

-The house is yet to be baby proofed, so Artim has taken matters into his own hands

- The garden has been inspected and watered, for which service , the gardener may or may not be thankful.

-One set of grandparents are being visited , with a vengeance. The others are waiting for their turn.

And now her laziness, the Artimater's mater is going back to her book/nap, catching up/storing up her strength for the 15th of July.


PS: Piper and Shail, thanks for the tag, will be posting it soonish, as soonish I can think of what to say.


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