Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Arti ONE

Some moments seem endless,and yet a year later, I can scarcely remember the discomfort of the restless nights, the hospital stay , the pre-op room ... When I looked at the clock then, every minute, wondering , praying , hoping to come out of it with some of my old self back, little did I know, that a year later , I wouldn't even care. All that I remember now is that first loud,lusty cry which made me smile and forget all about asking the long suffering anaesthetist for a blow by blow account of "What are they doing now?". All that I see now is my precious sleeping bundle of joy a.k.a the little slave driver, who'll wake up soon and drive us , his devoted slaves nuts, as he has for this last one year.

                                        Happy Birthday Artim


shail said...

Wishing him many many many more to come.

newmumontheblock said...

Hurray you're back! And a very very happy birthday to darling Artimator! You keep 'em slaves busy now Artimator.

MRC said...


Thank you very much!


Yay! Someone missed me ! Thanks for the b'day wishes!The Artimater had a lovely b'day, and went of to sleep promptly at 10:30 p.m. I guess he must have taken your advice , 'cos he woke up in fully charged slave driver mode, just as the slaves were ready to drop dead ;)

Piper .. said...

A very happy bday to the lil one! Sending you lots of happiness and prayers for many, many years of togetherness ahead! Hugs

Anonymous said...

One more missed B'day :(
I'm doing a series of those for the last few weeks!!

Oodles of wishes to the Artimator :D

BTW, its great to have you back.
I was almost tired of checking my Reader everyday and returning disappointed :D

MRC said...


Thanks and Hugs to you too :D


No probs , I am also not so great at remembering B'days :D Thanks for the wishes, they are always welcome.

SO you're one of my readers! :D Hate to disappoint you, but posting is going to continue to be scanty for some time to come...please excuse on account of Artimator.


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