Friday, April 30, 2010

Monishikha Who?

It had to happen sometime. I'm not unique anymore , or rather my name isn't. Gone are the days when I could confidently open an email account , by just typing in my first name!Before the slightly slow reader rolls those eyes ,let me remind you MRC is an acronym . It's true people know me by many names, and I have no problem with that , but the one name that I thought was unique is no longer so. 

How do I know? Well folks, since Im posting SO regularly (all right all right, you can roll those eyes now), I decided to create a twitter account today. And guess what , there's a Monishikha on twitter, and it's NOT ME!

So,  as soon as I can figure out what to do with that account on twitter,and if anyone's interested, they can look out for boring updates like this one from "MonishikhaRC" .

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Old Mess

Once in a  blue moon, when I go for a walk, this is my favourite spot to walk past.Also known as the "Old Mess", it is not quite that. It's the preferred venue for many a  b'day party and station parties(kids allowed) with a movie, tombola, chaat and dinner served on the breezy ,sloping lawns . All in all, a pleasant place to spend an evening, and the second of my fledgling attempts at watercolour paintings. The husband and other critics (related by blood) claim that while I have a way to go before I can actually sell stuff (if I wanted to), it's worth hanging at home. As for me, Im just happy that the folks are visiting, so that I can do something totally unrelated to baby stuff. Speaking of which, the Artimator at 8 and a half months is STANDING ON HIS OWN for a grand total of half a second!


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