Saturday, December 19, 2009

Shall We Dance


She loved to dance, he loved to just listen to the music.
The music was moving up a notch from “foot tapping” to “lets hit the floor” .
She was looking around for him, wondering what kind of a dancer he would
turn out to be, IF he asked her to dance. He was standing by the bar, a
drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, talking to some
friends, not looking her way. She didn't know whether to swallow her
pride and ask him ,or to give him the silent treatment later. Before
she could make up her mind, a friend of his asked her to dance, and she
said "Yes". They had just begun to dance, when he reached
them, smiled at his friend and cut in , to dance with his wife. She
couldn't stop smiling after that because she was dancing with him.

They had been married for four months and this was their first dance. She
felt that this was how things were going to be between them, that he
would probably never take the first step unless pushed, but she was happy that he would….. eventually.

She was both right and wrong, for , you see, although he rarely asked her
to dance , they were never missing from the dance floor when either of
their favourite songs were playing.


Five years have passed. She looks around for him, spots him at the bar and waves.He smiles,stubs out his cigarette , walks over and sits down. She passes him their animated toy and adjusts the bib on his shoulder.They sip their drinks ,talk about their day and play with the baby,while the music plays on. Maybe someday they'll make it back to the dance floor.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Motherhood and all that ja...BABY dont do that !

After spending a lot of  time lurking on other blogs, I decided to revive my old blog,just to do something creative again, but I forgot to factor in  my biggest creation till date, who was peacefully sleeping at that time. Anyway, so now that he's awake and clean diapered,and waiting to be fed, I think I'll have to put my blog back to sleep again, hopefully ,not for long. In the meanwhile, if anyone is interested, please do go through my stuff from another blog.


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