Sunday, November 05, 2006

I am

People often express surprise and a certain amount of "concern" (dripping with sarcasm) at the fact that I am wasting my education as an Engineer by giving up on a fledgling career in the IT industry , to be able to live with my husband at his various "way-out-of-the-way" postings. They "wonder" how I can stoop to being "just" a school teacher ," I mean the money's nothing". Well meaning "seniors" warn me that I might reach middle age and covet the success that career woman of my generation have.

A married friend of mine takes great objection to being called Mrs XYZ, because she feels that her identity and individuality is threatened by the "Mrs" tag. I on the other hand, have no qualms about being known as Mini/Monishikha/Mrs MRC depending on who I am speaking to.

Needless to say, these things do make me question, whether I will actually regret it, and whether I am just parasiting off a successful husband. I wonder, and I realise that I didn't mind leaving a prospective career behind because

  • I am an engineer by fluke, as in , I did it because I could and my parents insisted. Yes, those aren't exactly the best reasons for doing it, but hey, at 17 , I thought I didn't have a better option, but NO REGRETS.
  • It was my choice to marry my husband (whom I really liked and wanted to be with) knowing that he'd be moving base every two or three years, and no matter what works for others, a long distance marriage just isn't my cup of coffee.
  • The fact that I don't really bring home the kill, doesn't detract from the fact that I do clean and cook it...Parasitic that aint.
  • I enjoy my present job as a teacher, for various reasons of my own, not the least of which are the daily free, hands on lessons in child psychology.

Folks, this is not about feminism and women's lib, so before you get the big guns out, please remember that ultimately I do have a right to live my life the way I choose, and I choose to live it like this. Right now I am happy with my choice, lets see what the future brings and as far as changing my name goes, who was it who said that about a rose:)


kavitha said...

Hi Mini...I can totally identify with this...I am on the verge of leaving an extremely well paying job with an MNC and trading it for teaching at a an NGO.I find people around me constantly telling me about how i am wasting my 'potential' in this trade off.Snide digs about being a 'teacher'are so common place.where are the days when teaching was a respected profession.Its baffling for me to see how people esp the 'educated-lberated' lot equate a job and payscale with one's identity.Your post was a breath of fresh air. Keep posting..I can't tell you how pertinent this was last in my case...i am hooked...will keep coming back for more!!

shail said...

Well said!! Oh my and how I identify with it! Lollololol :) But you are a teacher, I didn't even opt to be one! ;) So you can well imagine. I echo every word you have written here! I have a couple of posts regarding this topic, of course written in my usual tongue-in-cheek way! ;)

roop said...

yesss, good to know that i am not alone!!! :))) i am so happy for you for having made the choice that makes you happy!! cheers mate!

Lazy Pineapple said...

I find Indians very judgemental and that really pisses me off. They will identify you by what you do and not by what you are.

Just chill and enjoy this time. There are actually people in this world who would be jealous of you....I so want to do what I like but circumstances have pushed me into a thankless job. So be happy :)

MRC said...

Roop & Lazy Pineapple

Welcome to my blog and thanks for the support :D

Trish said...

Ohh thanks for sharing this Mini..And I know what you are saying..I have heard similar comments over the ears..and sometimes,still cannot get over them:)
Love your name!

MRC said...


:D Thanks


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