My Original Watercolour Paintings

On this page, you'll find paintings from the beginning of my art journey, but now I have a Facebook page where you can see my latest paintings, so do drop by , The Coloured WallMost of my paintings are available for sale,so if you like something, don't hesitate to ask if you can own it, via a comment on The Coloured Wall ,  or email to . Also, if you like something and it's marked "nfs", I can paint something similar on request. Please note, all of these paintings are original paintings,for which I own the copyright and( unless otherwise mentioned) are painted from reference pictures at a wonderful site called "Paint My Photo".

"Kansas Prairie" -unframed Watercolour, 7"x9.5",  nfs

" Bananaquit Resting" unframed Watercolour on handmade paper, nfs

"Tropical Flower" Unframed Watercolour on handmade paper, nfs

"Irises" Unframed Watercolour, 7.5"x 10.5", nfs
"Iris" Unframed Watercolour ,10.5" x 7.5" , nfs
"The Promise Of Spring" Unframed,Original Watercolour ,8.5"x12.5"
"Bottles" Unframed Watercolour, 8"x10.5", nfs
"Young Papayas"  Watercolour, 10.5"x7.5" , nfs

"Hibiscus" Unframed Watercolour on handmade paper,size and price available on request
"Boats", Original Watercolour , 9.5"x7", price available on request
"Teasels in Crimson" , Original Water colour, 10"x8", price available on request

"Lily" ,4"x6" Watercolour sketch on Arches 300gsm paper,  price available on request

"Hostas" Original Watercolour, size and price available on request

"Woodland Waterfall" Original watercolour, painted on Arches paper from a pic I took of a lovely waterfall on the way to "Dolphin's Nose" near Coonoor. SOLD
"Flower Power" Original Watercolour, Size and price available on request.
"Flamenco Dancers" Original  Watercolour . SOLD

"Roses" Original Watercolour , SOLD
"Good Advice" Original Watercolour , size and price available on request

"Crashing Waves" Original Watercolour on Arches paper, size and price available on request

For the latest information about my  paintings and prices , please visit my Facebook page, "The Coloured Wall"  or write to me at


watercolour paintings said...

Great piece of artworks. Nice Works

Anonymous said...

Loved a few like the Flamenco dancers. All the best for this artistic endeavor!

MRC said...


Thank you for visiting and for your nice comment. These are most of my earlier paintings, you can find the latest one on my Facebook page, The Coloured Wall.

The Flamenco Dancers are a personal favourite too :D

Anonymous said...

I like them all, they are very well done, the colors are bright but again they are not..they are in a delicate balance, I think. You have created some beautiful pieces. I will check out your facebook page.


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