Monday, March 15, 2010

Incidental Rhymes on Birthday Time

On this blog
The regular reader may know
Rhymes are a no show  
and tho she may grieve
on the eve
of  birthday number thirty one,
Blaming , maybe her mum
and  dad,
(she hastens to add)
this blogger went mad
racking her brain
(almost had a migraine)
came up with a rhyme horribly bad
still, before she went to bed
she took the the time
to re read this rhyme
and pressed publish instead

so go on
wish her a happy one

and after you do
read on,wont you
little did she know
what led her to do it
you know,
show up her inner po it.

Now that it's done
She looks around to tag
who else,but new mum
Come on, show us
open up the bag, 
and dig out a pome
dont be shy,
let fly
even your worst
wont be as bad
or sad
as this verse


Passionate Goof said...

Happy birthday Mini. Hope the year ahead is a great great one! :D
Was this a tag? What kind?

MRC said...

Thanks GM :D

This was just a spontaneous outburst in verse,
as the natural consequence of some comments,
which began with some accidental rhyme,
and got longer each time,
there was a response ;)
See I am not a po'it,
but sometimes ,
I just spout rhyme.

Would you like to be tagged
And do a post in rhyme?
Go on , good or bad,
I do read yours, each time .

Passionate Goof said...

WOW! Even the reply is a rhyme, please don't ask me to do it. I will sink in shame!

MRC said...


'twas just a game,
no need to sink in shame,
Like you,
I too
am mostly averse
to things verse,
but the rhyme just arose,
and since the feeling is mutual,
it's back to prose,
business is now as usual.

Piper .. said...

wow!! How do you do this???? :):)

Happy Bday!

MRC said...


Thanks, had a great b'day.
See normally rhyming isn't my way
No, they're more the pater's style
Though once in a while,
the genes they kick out
That's when some silly rhymes I spout,
Once begun, I must admit,
tis pretty hard to stop,
Oh hell, I'll have to do it
else madly the pop will hop
" now come here child"
he'll say in a tone not very mild
"every time I show you mine,
on your heels you twirl,
with quite a clatter
claimin' to rhyme,
the grey matter
in your skull,
otherwise porous,
is absolutely impervious"

Trish said...

BElated Birthday Wishes!!
This is hillarious!

MRC said...

Thanks Trish
for the b'day wish
a response in rhyme,
or was it accidental, like mine?

noor said...

Oh Mini,
Awfully sorry at missing out on the big three-O-one!!
Belated wishes nevertheless :D

Don't even think of asking me to rhyme two lines. I suck at it BIG time!!

shail said...

Oh it was Mini’s birthday
On March fifteenth, not today
I am late by the way
In wishing her on her special day
But does it matter, as they say
Being late is better any day
So I am here to wish you Min-ay
Happiness forever on this day
Its late I cannot keep sleep at bay
I should now go away
If I perchance decide to stay
My words will only go astray
Be always happy as a blue jay
Be it March April or May
There is nothing more I wanna say.
So good night dear Min-ay

MRC said...

Thanks Noor,
Your wishes, though belated
were much appreciated.
And it's true,
If I had my way,
I'd respond that very day,
but my excuse,
(if that's a word I may use)
is since to verse
Im mostly averse
and this post is a first,
where reply in verse I must,
Much as I may try to train,
the grey matter called my brain,
'tis the rhymes that choose,
at will to vamoose!

MRC said...

Shail,Thanks a lot
A b'day wish in rhyme,now thats hot!
And even if belated,
it left the receiver elated!
but hey , says Min-ay
you missed by one more day,
'cos, possibly my rhyme wasn't clear,
see the b'day, it falls every year,
on March the sixteenth
and not as you thought,
just before you lay on the cot,
on the fifteenth!

Anonymous said...

Hey M,
Its taken me five days to come up with the following (seeing that EVERYONE knows how to rhyme, I just had to use the Grey cells and make an attempt!) :-

They write some verse
They rhyme it too.
They string those words
without any glue.
It seems so easy,
it seems so game.
But when I try it,
it seems so lame.
So tell me folks
How YOU do it
Would you care to share
your rhyme secret?
You don't really wanna?
then don't give a damn.
I'm happy being rhyme-less
as I currently am!!


MRC said...

Noor, dont sell yourself short,
here's a thought-
So what if you took a while,
To retort in rhyme,
As I said ,earlier,
The fact is, my dear,
In cases such as yours and mine,
where verse is not one's style,
After putting in lots of effort
Should some rhymes result,
whether first,second or third rate,
It's just cause to celebrate!
As for the so called secret,
I guess one has to try,
to haul out the latent poet,
and let the pen fly .
And now, quite like you,
All I have to say is WHEW!!!

noor said...

Speechless :(


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