Friday, April 30, 2010

Monishikha Who?

It had to happen sometime. I'm not unique anymore , or rather my name isn't. Gone are the days when I could confidently open an email account , by just typing in my first name!Before the slightly slow reader rolls those eyes ,let me remind you MRC is an acronym . It's true people know me by many names, and I have no problem with that , but the one name that I thought was unique is no longer so. 

How do I know? Well folks, since Im posting SO regularly (all right all right, you can roll those eyes now), I decided to create a twitter account today. And guess what , there's a Monishikha on twitter, and it's NOT ME!

So,  as soon as I can figure out what to do with that account on twitter,and if anyone's interested, they can look out for boring updates like this one from "MonishikhaRC" .


Passionate Goof said...

awww.... you know I can find my name pretty much anywhere too.... but my name was already taken when i opened my yahoo account. I was surprised!!

noor said...

Awwww Mini, your twitter id is just fine :D
Have been thinking of taking up tweeting, but then , I'm too lazy :(
Let me know your experience with it !


Piper .. said...

:) what`s the birdie doing on your curtain rod?? :)

shail said...

Welcome to twitter :)

MRC said...


:) I had a feeling we might be in the same boat!


Thanks girl.This is one instance where curiosity won the day ;) Will keep you and this blog posted.


Just flew in for a chat ;) It had actually lost it's way and flown in . We had quite a time trying to shoo it out!

Thank you :)

newmumontheblock said...

hi there, you will be happy to know that I have completed ze tags, BOTH of them :D Was all getting into the rhyme mode when the good man and husband took one look at some of them and nearly passed out, so have nipped the rising poet in me in the bud for now :(
Oh and you are the ONLY Monishikha I know

Anonymous said...

lovely blogs. enjoyed reading your posts.


MRC said...

Hey Partner-in-Crime
Mine says the same
About my efforts to rhyme
"They're pretty lame"
He will forever opine!
Methinks tis a touch of envee
'Cos he's no better than his Biwee


Thanks and welcome to my blog :) Do we know each other in real life too?

Indyeah said...

Surprised to hear this coz you are the first and only gurl with this unique name I have come across.

Your full name is still unique though. MRC. kinda regal :D

Anonymous said...


No, I don't know you in real life. Stumbled across your blog through another blog. Kept reading because I really liked your "chilled out" attitude. So rare these days with everyone and their dog in the rat race.


MRC said...


Well,the other one seems to be younger than us, so atleast for a while we were unique:) We were pleased to notice your perception of our regality.


I happen to be related to someone who shares your name,hence the query. Thank you for the compliment.I didn't realise my blog gave that impression, because according to my hubby , I am quite the nagging wife. Going to show him your comment :D


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