Friday, August 03, 2012

For the record

It's been a while, like it always is, between posts. I have the tendency to start something, like blogging and then quickly lose interest in it when life becomes more interesting  hectic, so before I lose interest again, here's whats been happening, in the last few months

- Moved houses across the length of the country , and packed in lots of stuff  and experiences along the drive from cool Conoor

to hot hot hot Jodhpur!

-Met a blogger friend and clicked so well with her that I realised I should do it more often.What say Manasi ?
-Almost met another blogger friend, because she had some scheduling problems, oh well, maybe next time we do a cross country trip! (Noor  , you'll have to tie that phone of yours to a dupatta)

-The Artimator has turned three

 and FINALLY begun school ! 

-Settled into a new house, and still managed to stick with my latest obsession, Watercolour painting.
Speaking of which , have you seen my latest watercolour paintings? I've been gifting a few of them to friends, and am planning on selling them online. Anyone interested in gifting one to their friends?

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