Thursday, July 13, 2006

What A Feeling!

When the "Ms" in front of my name meant "Miss",

My humble stereo would mainly play the likes of ABBA,Cliff Richards ,Assorted Oldies, some of the latest songs on TV...Oh OK just a teeny weeny bit of Britney Spears;)

Now that "Ms" is "Mrs" (ok ok I am in the "aunty" category...)

Courtesy of my significant other (and his HUMONGOUS CD collection), I've come to think that hard rock, all the 80's pop etc. also have their merits , and well I know about the existence of some one called Judas Priest...Not to mention all the cheesy Hindi movie remixes that I used to wince at......well, I no longer wince at ALL of them...

When the "Ms" in front of my name meant "Miss",

My book shelf and the odd carton or two , mainly had loads of Agatha Christie, Wodehouse, a few Alistair Macleans, some Asterix-Obelix, lots of Erle Stanley Gardner ( remember Perry Mason).....maybe a few Danielle Steele's( c'mon I am a woman after all!)

Guess what -Now that I have a hyphenated sirname,If someone mentioned, "Dirk Pitt"(Clive Cussler) or "Sean Dillon"(Jack Higgins) or "Creasy"(A J Quinnel) I wouldnt look blank.......but what would really make me smile with satisfaction would be any one of Dick Francis's books....the "hero" in all the books that I've read so just my kind of guy....real, sensible,calm, intelligent, fact , I married some one who's like that ( He's also a lot of fun:)

So guess why I wrote this one.....ok, I'll give you a hint, have you heard of a song called-"Top of the World".....

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Anonymous said...

Remember the rabbit who was fond of AR Rahman, loudsspeaker cables, and boiled chicken?


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