Wednesday, July 19, 2006


This morning, I was listening to some "old" 80's songs,which just started me thinking, sometimes, just because some singers have been very famous for a long time, they just appear to fade in the face of younger , more visible ones....which is a very natural thing, but when you do listen to some of the music from their best years, it just seems like they were really streets ahead of most of the new lot ....hmm...I think I'm getting old(...'cos I remember my folks saying something similar about music from their teens to 20s/30s )!

And its not just the music that I like, just a few days back, I was trying to explain to a class of 11-12yr olds , the concept of sectors and tracks in a floppy or a CD, when I came up with the bright idea of asking them to recall the grooves on old vinyl records, ( which were on their way out in the mid-80s, when I was a little younger than my class)...the total blank looks that I got in return made me feel ANCIENT! For God's sake, Im only in my late 20s! the world is really changing fast....or was it always like that?

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Anonymous said...

its wasnt like that always.. it has accelerated .. but now its really difficult to keep pace. but whtver is happening is happening for good i shld say.


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