Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hello...helloooooo...ahem...Hi :)

Hey there...In case you're wondering, yes this IS the Firstever Post of my Firstever Blog.
Still interested? Well if you are ,then read on , although I am not much of a writer ,but as I do love to just generally ramble on
(as my long suffering and mostly silent friends and family would confirm)....and since there seem to be a lot of like minded bloggers out there, well I am :)

So what should I talk about hmmmm.......ok, lets about some of my favourite things such as Food, Books and Music...(not all of them and not necessarily but generally in that order;)....Well, I am what is fashionably known as a "Foodie" long as I dont have to cook it! Which basically means that restaurants do better business If I am in town at the begining of the month;) Don't believe me? Well ask my spouse what we did most when we were dating (imaginatively inclined minds please go surf where else for porn;).

Next, Books....yes I HAVE read the "Da Vinci Code", and NO I havnt seen the movie yet!Personally,
I feel that the people earning anything from the book and the movie really know that there is no such thing as bad publicity.....I wonder how many people would remember the book and (I assume) the movie as anything but a good murder mystery unless there was such a big "controversy" about it?

Ok, so now that I've expressed my two paisa worth of opinion on THE controversial book of this year, lets talk some more about books....does anyone remember PG Wodehouse, and the televised version of "Jeeves and Wooster" .....well, If you do, check out "Bertie Wooster" playing a crabby, cynical "Dr House"....I guess I am old fashioned and actors have to "evolve" but I wish he hadn't played this character...he was just sooooooo adorable as Bertie!

Well, I guess I am out of opinions for today.....Oh, I almost forgot, yes I will be posting some boring tid bits about my days, eventually......:)

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