Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In which an idea is imprisoned

In this day and age, what with the computer taking over all our correspondence, many of us, who are not in school or college anymore, have forgotten the pleasure of writing down  our ideas,using a pen and a piece of paper.

I began writing this (heavily edited) post on a small writing pad, because I was lying next to my sleeping baby and I couldn't go and sit in front of the computer to indulge my latest addiction (blogging , what else !). Why? Because as I mentioned in my last post , at bedtime,my baby's seek-milk-source alarm is activated, and should said milk source not be found at all times within the first few eyes-closed-pats of areas-within-podgy-arms reach, the wail-for-mom siren is activated at full-wake-up-the-neighbours-and-birds level.

I see from what I've written that I've digressed, just a little bit, so let me get back to the square one, the pleasure of seeing one's bird marks beautiful handwriting on paper. So tell me, how many of you, the addicted-to-blogging blog hoppers , carry a pen and writing pad with you, on a bus, car, in bed , to the get my drift .

Well, until recently I didnt, because it never occured to me (yes, yes Im slow) and the only other blogger I've seen in action, namely my father ,just has to sit in front of the Computer, for poetry and prose to come traipsing down his brains, via his fingers and the keyboard to  obligingly climb on to his blog. I know I am not in the same league as him, but I do like to express myself , and it would be nice if atleast the prose would be half as obliging!

At this point, if you're still reading, let me thank you for your patience, and reassure you that I'll get to the point soon enough. Don't hold your breath though, because I will not be responsible for the consequences.Okay? Still with me? You there, the follically challenged gentlemen,please stop pulling at the rest of  your hair, and pointing  at the SEX button...err the "X" button, will not solve your problem either.

SO , now that  I have your attention, I was trying to tell you why I've finally seen the tubelight  and begun to keep a writing pad and pen near my pillow at night, even though I know that if I am not quick enough when the morning comes, they WILL be checked for chewability by the Artimator.
Coming back to square two, as far as I can remember, in my distant school and college days, I have always found it easy to study at night and  all my best art work(what little there is) has been accomplished at night. The select few brain cells that I have are at their peak after dinner(food for thought?), and these days once everyone is in bed, I lie awake thinking about my day, about all the things that were said, planning for tomorrow's dealing with the maid(yes, I do) and soon enough my mind wanders, leaving behind it some space for good ideas about things I could write about or how to paint or what to paint. I toss and turn ,and lie awake  most of the night trying to commit them to memory, but by morning they suddenly  vanish with the sunlight. So it was till yesterday, when it finally hit me that I was overlooking the obvious- To pen down thoughts and ideas, all that I need is (drumroll please) A PEN(or a pencil) AND PAPER 

Wait! Wait! Im on a roll here, not finished yet...just two more minutes, I promise I wont meander.... much ....Really, I'll just be back as soon as I've calmed down the baby.
What? What's that? Okay ,go if you must, but before you do,would you please tell me what you think about this post, or do you need a pen and paper to do that?


Passionate Goof said...

You stay awake all night, with a small baby, are you not exhausted?? Wow! But yes, a pen and a paper are a good idea. i think a lot of people even blog/pen-down on their mobiles, so i guess even that works.

MRC said...


No, I don't stay awake every night, scribbling on that writing pad, and yes I'm exhausted from the baby waking me up 2-3 times at night.Before I fall asleep at night or sometimes when he wakes me up, I get what seems to be a good idea,which I have to write down so that it doesn't keep me awake.

Anonymous said...

I have almost forgotten about writing... infact just recently my wife was away for a week and i told her we both should write a letter in old style... while she didnt write :( :(

i wrote but while writing I almost felt my hand was aching... that much i have forgotten writing... !

I never write my post... and I ahve almost 300 posts... I always type.. !!

I must write is what i realise as i type this comment !

MRC said...


Thats so sweet!Okay shifting some sympathies your way..NOW ;)

I think handwritten letters are the best, to be savoured from time to time,now if only the husband thought so too....

Actually, this post while high on physical effort, was much easier to write...I guess typing slows me down, or rather Im slow at it...

The Restless Quill said...

Paper and pen? Always :) Have done so for as long as I can remember.
And Like GM said, sometimes my phone is more convenient than paper, like on a moving vehicle. So both work.

MRC said...

With a psuedonym like The Restless Quill, your comment is not really surprising ;)
I cant even look down to read a message in a moving vehicle(except a train), so a blog post would be quite puky..literally!

Anonymous said...

Am glad my husband didn't read this!!
I started a diary when the kids were born...I wrote diligently for the first few months...then alternately for the next couple of them, till I finally gave it up altogether. Fast forward a few months and then I started blogging.
Which has not gone down too well with the BF. He'd rather find me pouring over my diary, pen in hand, than see me glued to the monitor (reason being, I spend close to 8 hours glued to the monitor in office!!)
I was planning on copying those entries fromt he diary to the blog...haven't found the time or inclination to do it yet!!
Thanks to your post, will go and have a look at the diary once again :)

MRC said...


:) Looking forward to reading those early diary entries someday, and may I say your husband does have a point.

canyouseemyhalonow ;)


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