Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dealing with Infertility

I love the Internet. I like to read. I like talking to people.Thats why I hop from blog to blog .Sometimes , what I read moves me enough to comment, possibly share something intensely personal. Today, I chanced upon this post by a very popular blogger and had to comment.Why? because she touched upon a few things which are very personal to me, namely, dealing with infertility.If you came here from there, looking to read more about my brush with infertility, read on.

I remember trawling the net obsessively for hours about some advice or support in an Indian context,and found precious little. I am not a medical professional and I am not offering you any medical advice.This is my personal experience, which I will share , not for the purpose of advertising a particular clinic or doctor(I’ll tell you if you ask),but only to give  a measure of support, to someone who’s going through it from, as the mad momma puts it, “someone who’s been there”.
Why do I care? Because I know how hard it is to explain this to the best of friends,or loving ,concerned parents , who while trying to “cheer you up” sometimes end up saying things that you wish they wouldn’t.

So, if you’re going through infertility or something like it, and would like to hear about my experience, you can email me .

Edited to add after being unable to give a satisfactory answer to a reader's query about adoption

If you are thinking about adoption, here are a few links to blogs written by people who've
been there , and done it






Trish said...

I so agree with you..only someone who's been there will know what it feels like!
BTW,love ur blog..:)came over from Goofy's.

MRC said...

Thanks Trish, keep visiting.

Alena said...
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Timepass said...

Hi, first time here and I choose to comment on this post..obvious reason is the same as urs...my email id is nicetimepass@gmail.com

MRC said...


Welcome to my blog.You've been there too?


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