Tuesday, February 09, 2010

For The Artimator

Dear Artim, 

The following are somethings we, your not-so-humble,bumbling slaves wish you would consider-

  • Mamma's giving you what you like best, so please ,while she's giving it to you, would you please not look at the phone behind you...it hurts mamma more than you'll ever know!  And that zonked out ,high on a belly full of milk look is for mamma only, baba can have the messy food smeared smiles when HE feeds you that-horrible-gloop-that-he-wouldnt-touch-with-a-barge-pole-otherwise.

  • Would you please not phroo your way out of it everytime you've accidentally dropped your toys for the zillionth time.Your mamma's is old you know, thirty years older than you and not as flexible as she never was.
  • Mamma has  to sneak away sometimes at night, she doesn't wear diapers you know and it pains  her heart and some other nameless body parts to hear you say mamamamamamamamaaaaaaa the moment she's out of smelling range. Baba sings equally tunelessfully AND he's just as capable of thumping you back to sleep...let him do it please!

  • You do know that mamma's loves it when you blink your eyes at her, stick the tip of your tongue out of the side of your rosebud mouth and giggle .Sadly for you,she knows just what that look is leading too...and she's prepared to yank your hair right back.

  •  That mad duck is not just for riding, it has other uses too.

  • Mamma's so glad that you love books and she's willing to give you solids soon, but in the meanwhile could you please refrain from eating her book ,one page at a time. Try that teether wedged below your pillow,it tastes better.

  • Would you please not gurgle in anticipation after one of us has accidentally tickled your stomach, it makes us do it again and again and again.....how are we ever going to change your diaper!And if you want us to do it all over again, could you please not direct the water stream on the bed, mamma would like to change the sheets everyday, but she can't.

  • Your baba loves it when you climb all over him , specially after he comes back from work, and wants to sleep. Keep doing it, mamma's behind you all the way.

  • Could you please distribute your baba's  share of love bites away from his face the next time, mamma is tired of ....2mp983-0i['JKA 2Imojo,mjnjbgvYUIOOO NJK

 STOP that and let mamma fin..noiuyait8gicjppRYTIHIJNnuip


shail said...

Awwww... Choooo Chweet! Now I want to go back and enjoy all those moments all over again. Errr... ummm... not really, but you know what I mean. Sigh, those were the days!

Passionate Goof said...

He is such a gorgeous lil boy. How old is he? You have written this post so wittily Mini, loved it.

MRC said...


Anytime you're REALLY missing those days, let me know, I'll be happy to refresh your memories :D


Thanks :) He's almost 7 months old. And HOW did you know that Im Mini ;)

shyamlee said...

Lovely piece of writing brings back a lot of memories of my son but i am glad its over too...

MRC said...

Welcome to my blog Shyamlee :D

momofrs said...

Awww...am so with you girl!!
Am thirty too, and juggling twins!!!
The bones, they creak, they wail. they make sounds best not mentioned :(

As for Artimator, isn't he one gorgeous dude?? Best to keep him away from RS. She'd smack him silly :)

MRC said...


You ABSOLUTELY have my respect :D The shades and gorgeous dudeness are inherited from his dad(but dont tell him I said so;) And RS would smack the Artimator, ...hmmm...gurls these days...whatever happened to kissing cute boyz!!!! sigh!


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