Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bay View

Well, Happy New Year readers ! This year began on a bittersweet note, the hubby is out  of station for a few days, but my mother is here to stay for a few days. And that is why I could squeeze out some time for another of my attempts at teaching myself water colour painting. It's not perfect, but I've reached the point where I must stop. The original picture is not mine, but taken from a website which allows members to upload photos and also paint from photos uploaded by other members.
Source:Paint My Photo

And here's my attempt


The Narcissist said...

WOW. It looks awesome. If you take out the real picture which you put you here, people will rave your painting even more ;)

MRC said...

Thank you :D I think I'll leave the original there and call it artistic licence!

swapna said...

Great painting. When I see stuff like this I really wish I was a little bit artistic too. :( Do check out my blog


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