Sunday, August 28, 2011


These last few days have been, as usual, very hectic, but somehow I've managed to squeeze out some time to attempt another water colour painting for a challenge taken from this photo at a nice website for painting enthusiasts . Going by the quality of entries, I hav'nt really got any hope of winning, but the very idea of a deadline and the urge to do some thing un-mommyish for a change were the spur to paint this 


Manasi said...

Lovely :) Now you're forgiven for not blogging as much, just keep posting pics of your paintings!

MRC said...

Thanks Manasi :D Hopefully another such pic will be on in a few days! How have you been?

blinded locations said...

Hi :)
i knw very lil abt painting n never had the courage of tryin i hav read a few books abt it.."lust fr life".."depth of glory".."the agony and the ecstasy"(ths one nt realy a paintin book).
I was so much moved by "lust for life" if u hav read it u wil get to knw..i saw some of his paintings "the great Vincent van gogh" i even had his famous sunflower painting as my phone's walpaper :p..wel i hav nt said anythng abt ur paintin u wud be thinkin..wel the thing is i just saw ur paintin i like the rough feel of it..its the same feel..i dunt knw may be its the characteristic of water colours :)

Purba said...

Baby feeder and nappy changer? Absolutely loved your bio. Water Colours are never easy and yours is a neat attempt.

MRC said...

Blinded Locations,

Thanks, that very high praise indeed, though I don't think Im that good :) Painting is a relatively recent love of mine,
and I dabble in it occasionally just to satisfy myself. Going by your comment, I'd say that you should give it a try too!


The nappy changer bit is going to end soon, hopefully :D.Thanks for the praise on the painting ,water colours are indeed tricky, and Im trying to teach myself, at the rate of one or two paintings a month.

Viyoma said...

Too Good. More than your painting i love your introduction which is crisp yet speaks a lot.

You now have a regular follower from now on!

Harsha said...

Very lovely art work. And with water colors I don't think it is that easy. First time at your blog. Loved it. Clean, minimal, yet pretty.

Best wishes!

MRC said...


Thanks :D I'm not that economical with words in real life though!


Thanks :D


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