Tuesday, July 05, 2011

What Mommyhood taught me

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted anything here, and rather than own up to sheer laziness, I'm going to blame it on being a mom to a very active and curious little boy. So it's only fitting that I break the blog fast with a post that I've been tagged to do by this lady  on "What Mommyhood taught me".I have a sneaking suspicion that Im going to be in mommy school for a long time to come and may not be a very good student at that, but still , here's some of what I've learnt so far,

  • To keep a straight face against all natural instincts to the contrary, while telling the kid in a stern voice, to "Keep-it-back/That's-Not-For-You" . Of course,the monkey has learnt this lesson too, because more often than not,  he turns around and wags his finger at me while holding the said object and informs me "Mamma, Noffaayooo".
  • That if the kid is awake and out of visual range, silence is NOT golden. In fact, it's almost a sure sign that there is some cleaning up of house,kid and clothes looming in mamma's immediate future .
  • To marvel at how little it takes to make the kid happy, how long it takes me to figure out what that little thing is,and how easily he forgets what  grouches the two of us were in the process!
  • Spelling and  rapidly at that , things like B-I-S-C-U-I-T-S while asking the spouse if he wants any with his tea,  lest a certain person/sponge who has been taught by grand-persons-who-shall-remain-unnamed to say "beeesheeet" should pipe up after having filled his stomach with the same! 
  •  That when the kid's ears go back and heels are dug in due to the mulish genes( inherited from the pater  as he's only got the good stuff from me) kicking in , distraction is the name of the game. Unfortunately, mamma hasn't  learnt this lesson too well and is often too distracted by the sheer volume of the tantrum to apply it on time!


Anonymous said...

I had no idea we were in exactly the same boat :D
Looks like little Artim is the lost brother of the twins.
Glad you are back Mini :)

MRC said...

Thanks Noor,

Can you imagine the tornado if these kids ever meet!Don't know if Im back to blogging though, it's taken me nearly TWO weeks from start to finish to post this one!:D BUT there's going to be another one soon, around the 15th ...


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