Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A Fresh Year Begins

Wishing all of you,  a very Happy New Year.
"Fresh" Original Watercolour (c) Monishikha RoyChoudhury
"Shells" Original Watercolour (c) Monishikha Roy-Choudhury
This past month, I've been traveling , on vacation meeting friends and family. These paintings were painted for a friend who wanted a shell themed painting  and since I didn't know what she would like, I decided to paint these two and let her choose whichever one she wanted. 

Although they were painted about a few weeks apart, in retrospect, I can see that Im actually quite partial towards certain colours. Can you see which ones? 

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My Zoe's Mum said...

Happy New Year to you too.

And now something that might make you smile...
A big Congratulations... You have just been nominated for THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD. You can view the details right here -

Look forward to hearing from you...


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