Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Artim was just talking to my father i.e. his "dadu" on the phone, and as usual, after the conversation I was asked to translate a few of the newer Artimisms. That's when my father suggested that I put down some of the explanations in writing ,so that we could remember this  when he's all grown up. I was about to laugh it off, but I realised that I HAVE actually forgotten a lot  of  his "babyness" in the process of getting him to grow out of it! So,  in the spirit of not forgetting, I'm planning on posting a few Artimisms here,beginning with 

"Helitotter" which is his latest object of interest and bedfellow! Should I need to pursuade him to eat his "um" or that is "Tytoshleep" or to listen to mamma, it is also the potential hostage of choice. Of course,sometimes hostage taking does not work ,and mamma begins to spew smoke from the ears! 

Apparently,the best way  of pacifying the "mammacano" , is doing what she asked holding her face in still little hands and saying "Mamma Raagkona" (Mamma Dontbeangry). Most of the time this does work, but if it doesn't then little baby hands are folded across chest, and mamma is told quite sternly ,

"Artim, Raagkochey" (Artim isangry )

Of course now that mamma has no choice but to laugh, some amount of "tiackle tiackle tiackle" must be brought into play before things are back to normal, and a few "Gimmekshiss" and "Lavyoos" are exchanged . Pretty soon  the Artimator is back to doing exactly as he pleases while mamma is back to "doin Computar" or "kookiinng" or "paintin" She may surface occassionally to ask Artim ,

"Whatsthetaaime", because didnt you know, it's always "Noinethatty"!

There are also times , when mamma is asked

"Mamma, baba where?" 

to which the most common answer is "Baba office gachey" (Dad's gone to the office)

This generally happens, when mamma has strapped him into his seat in her trusty Nano, while she hopes not to bang into anyone on her way to/around/or back from grocery shopping. So just to keep him from falling asleep in his seat and causing general crankiness later, mamma tends to ask him,

"Artim, what you doin"

and of course the answer is

"Artm sttininananoonachair"

Then there are times(other than "noinethatty") , when mamma feels the need to engage in the following dialogue ,

"Excuse me Artim" (what is he upto now)

"Yaasss" (answer in less than 5 secs, she wont suspect a thing)

"Wassaname" (well, he answered soon enough,still gotta check)

"NamisArtm" (who is scribbling on the wall but wont be by the time you get here)

"OOOOH" (I'll just finish cooking this, then go check on him)

"Aychuse me mammmaaaaa" (still-got-time-to-finish-this-line)

"Yass" (while that cooks, might as well get his milk ready)

"Wassaname" (almost-done-but-that-plaster-needs-to-be-scraped-and-tasted)

"Mamma" (whats-that-noise)

"OOOOH" (hiding-the-pencils-behind-my-back-should-do-the-trick)


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Lion Chiller said...

Thank God- just remembered a few more- he began his communications with "Ta Ti To"- implying take me to the switch next to the door and let me keep switching it on and off... his "appy", "umm" and that infectious smile...


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