Monday, September 04, 2006

Any Good News Yet ?

Somewhere towards the end of January 2004, I added another 12 alphabets to my name, thereby tipping the (alphabet) scale at a petite 34 alphabets. Exactly a year later, I was slogging it out in the kitchen ( notably,with a few onions who had an aversion to turning brown in a wok) in preparation for the dozen odd friends who had hinted that they'd be dropping by in the evening to remind us of the fact that at this time last year, we were on a holiday from real life ;)

Since there was no sign of the two of us expanding to two-and-half-of-each-of-us anytime in the future, we were prepared for the possibility of either or both sets of parents, reminding us that this was something we might need to attend to sometime soon....They were beaten to the finish line by a close friend of mine who called up, and after the obligatory Best Wishes etc.. popped the question (NO NOT THAT ONE!!!), namely

"Any Good News Yet?"

As it was a day when uncharacteristically good behaviour was expected of me, I replied rather sweetly that

"Yes, I've been married for a year now to this phenomenally great guy!"

I fail to understand why this was greeted with the rather uncomplimentary promise to strangle me for being cheeky!

PS: The first person to spell my ENTIRE name correctly is the winner of the MBRC Bengali-English spelling competition. Phameely of blogger is NOT allowed to participate;) and answers from said phameely members will not be commented upon

1 comment:

Manish "Diogenes" Golder said...

Hi there!
This comment's got more to do with the suggestion left by you on my blog...
it was quite surprising really....
Well - as a matter of fact I did enjoy the piece on that blog - but I still wonder what made you think I would! ;)
Btw - I am a bit antithetical hen it comes to blogging and rarely post anything without a lot of editing...


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