Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Post full of Belly Dancers

A few days back,  I had , "a beat stuck in my head" after watching a random video of belly dancers  on you tube, and I knew I just had to paint one .Normally I paint directly from a single photo reference, not deviating too much from  the original photo.However since , I couldn't find a satisfactory  photo reference on my favourite reference photo site Paint My Photo, I knew I had to actually work  to translate the beat onto paper.  

So I began by looking  at a number of  reference photos, and quite a few videos of belly dancers in action. Then ,  I  did  a few pencil and ( one) colour sketches to find a pose that felt right to me. 

Belly Dancer Sketch 1 (c) Monishikha RoyChoudhury

Belly Dancer Sketch 2 (c) Monishikha RoyChoudhury

Belly Dancer Sketch 3 (c) Monishikha RoyChoudhury

Belly Dancer Final Sketch on 300 gsm Watercolour paper,  (c) Monishikha RoyChoudhury

Once I had settled on the pose that  I liked, I did a free hand watercolour sketch on a sample of watercolour paper I would  use  for the final painting,  to see how the colours, that  I had in mind , would look on paper.

Belly Dancer Freehand Watercolour Sketch on 300 gsm Watercolour paper (c) Monishikha RoyChoudhury

Now, this is not my usual process of painting, in that I generally don't have the patience to  do so much preparatory work before actually painting what I want to paint.The reason  why I've decided to record this  process here is to remind myself when Im feeling lazy,  that preparation is worth it!

Anyway,  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the process , so here's the final painting-

'Belly Dancer' Original Watercolour , (c) Monishikha RoyChoudhury , Size 6"x 9"

Also, in case you're interested in looking at ( or buying)  more of my figurative and other watercolours, do visit my Facebook page, 'The Coloured Wall' . If you're interested in buying greeting cards or museum quality prints of  my artwork,  please visit  my  profile on Fine Art America .


Srijanee said...

LOVELY work Mini... worth your efforts.. and to be honest, my favourite is the very first pencil sketch... is that for sale too? I have always had a weakness for pencil sketches... ;)

MRC said...

Hi Srijanee,

Sorry I didn't see your comment here earlier! Yes, the sketch is available, email me if you want this one,or any of the others from my facebook page :D Will let you know the details accordingly!

Deepika said...

It is beautiful!!!
Absolutely loved it :)

varun raj said...

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MRC said...

Deepika ,

Thank you :D

Varun Raj

Thanks for the info,but im already selling via my facebook and offline contacts .

Sangeetha menon said...

Oh my ..wonderful creations !l

Bindu said...

Beautiful paintnigs..


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