Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Evolution of this blog

  or The Reason Why This Blog Limps Along At Times

"Flowers For A Rainy Day" Original Watercolour, (c) Monishikha Roy-Choudhury

When I started blogging , ,six years ago, I was enamored with the idea of sharing my thoughts with other people. People who I'd meet because they were like minded , had similar interests, and I'd be able to discuss things that touched my life without having to wait for my husband to come home, or call up my best friend and explain the background, or just escape the negativity that sometimes surrounds me because of my full blown case of foot-in-the-mouth-tis. This happy state of affairs lasted for a month or two , and things reached a point where I was actually dreaming about what I'd write, and how people would react to it. Then one fine day , after trying to edit a post so that it  would remain interesting and yet not divulge too many personal details,it dawned on me that  my life though very  interesting to me , didn't need to be shared in all it's minutae with the world at large. 

Now, I have always shyed away from following, what is now advertised quite openly as a strategy to get more comments, more readers,more traffic , namely "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" , mainly because I don't see the point in getting quantity over quality . I'd rather have a few friends who drop by because they like to, than go around making the equivalent of small talk on blog posts which are of no interest to me, and most likely vice versa. So this blog, went to sleep for a few years.

Life continued, sometimes very unremarkably, and after a tough phase where we struggled with trying to have a baby, came a happy but tougher phase when we finally   became parents. Any honest parent will tell you that they've had  moments when they thought they just could not clean up any more messes , when they were ready to just run away, and they turned round and looked at that innocent face and willingly went back to being their little tyrant's slave. Any parent , who has a blog will tell you that those are the moments that they decided to blog about their child, and just how cute and perfect said child is, even if it meant that there would be some amount of eye rolling and barfing amongst the reading public who were not quite on the same page! And that is exactly why I revived this blog some two and a half years ago.

Some frenzied months of blogging, and finding a  few more good friends later, the kid began walking and I had no choice but to unplonk myself from in front of the computer and follow, catching breakables and shovelling food in one end ( and praying that it would stay in for a while) and losing myself further into mommyhood. So of course, the blog dozed fitfully, waking up every now and then when a few photographs were thrown it's way.

As things became a little less chaotic, I found that I actually got some sleep and could squeeze out some time to paint. So I did just that, and one thing led to another, here I am , the mother of an "adorably naughty" three year old, injecting some discipline into my life and doing what I knew I should have done a long time ago,namely learning how to paint and become a famous artist when I had all that time in my non slave mommy days.

However, I have been incredibly lucky to have actually sold a few watercolour paintings within a year of taking it up as a hobby, so Im going to be sharing my experiences as a learner along the way in posts to come, and if you find that Im away for a while or that the blog is sleeping, don't worry, I'll be back with a new painting or an Artimator update or just some random photos every once in a while. 

 If you're still reading this,  you know why this is such a randomly updated blog , and that you're going to have many more updaty sort of posts coming your way before I actually get time to write a real post, like this one.

And for those of you wondering, if there is a point to this post, there isn't. I felt like actually writing something for a change , but just to thank you for sticking around, here's another pretty picture for you to look at , so please forgive me for this rather rambling post .

"The Back of Beyond" Original Watercolour , (c) Monishikha Roy-Choudhury


Anonymous said...

Nice one! Like your painting.

MRC said...


Welcome to my blog, and thank you for appreciating my painting.
( Sorry, for the late response,I've been a little distracted these past few days!)

Jon said...

Blogging is a persoal battle with times you screw up yourself only to return strong
Its just like RajniKanth movies...might be full of nonsense, until a bunch of stupid guys starts liking it and one in the bunch is a media moghul

MRC said...


Thanks for your comment, and the insight into what makes a blog "awesome" for readers .

Purba said...

Isn't it lovely that we never cease to surprise ourselves? Discovering that the talented girl in us is still alive!

What a stunning watercolour!

MRC said...

Purba ,

Thank you for the compliment:D
Painting with watercolours is an exercise in letting go, not caring too much about the outcome,and therefore very challenging for a control freak like me ;)

Sheryl said...

I can relate to your struggle to maintain something for yourself as a mom. I wish that I had started blogging years ago, because with five kids, I certainly needed a network of like-minded people to commune with. Now that I am blogging, I feel like a caged bird set free!
Your paintings are beautiful!

MRC said...


I agree, at times blogging feels so liberating! I remember when I was a kid, just about one and a half decade back, wondering how people made "pen friends" . Little did I know just how interesting it was to connect with people across the world through the world wide web ;)

Thank you for the compliment on my paintings. It is truly an addiction!


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