Tuesday, August 31, 2010

At the stroke of midnight

I had painted this, a few months ago, for my mom, who seems to think that I'd like nothing better than to sit and paint glass(maybe she's right).

The picture was taken before it was framed, hence the bland white thermocol background. The folks are due in a few days, so things like this will (hopefully) be made on demand , while the kid is babysat by grand folks.


Md. Muddassir Shah said...

You had this picture at hand to post is it?? :P

Jokes apart, wonderful painting. I liked it.

Also I wanted to ask that your feedjit shows continuous visits from Bellary, that is my native :D.
Was surprised to know that people from Bellary involved in blogging activities

shail said...

I remember the good old days when my eyes were better and I used to indulge in such past times :)

MRC said...

Md.Muddasir Shah,

Actually I did have the picture sitting in my drafts.Thank you for the compliment.
As for the visitors from Bellary, well I must disappoint you.The fact is that for now,I live in Karnataka and whenever I open my blog page, it appears as a visit from places like Bellary etc. depending on which server it was routed through.


Don't you think glass painting is the instant noodles of all things painting related, so easy to make and very satisfactory results, even for amateurs!

newmumontheblock said...

Lovely painting, sure your mom loved it! Put a pic of it once you get it framed too, if you can. How goes Artim and his gardening? And his slave driving? :)

Passionate Goof said...

I am going to let you know the day I get my tickets to get to India, whenever that will be, and I want a stack of them made for me OK? Don't you dare forget it Moni, esp after the way you beat my A%$# black n blue in scrabble!!!
You are such a talented artist!

MRC said...

Hey Newmum

Thanks,will do. Artim the slave driver , roams his kingdom , banging at things, pulling off things down to the floor(their rightful place), tasting here a coaster, there a fallen piece of godknowswhat, with his lips thrust out in intense concentration while he figures out the latest way to create a din.The principal slave can rave and rant to no avail, at best she'll get a toothy grin and the far off what-should-I-go-for-next look in the eye!


:D Ok, will do my best to comply.
Did I really whack you that hard at scrabble!


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