Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ctrl C , Ctrl V

Today, as I was flicking through the channels on TV, one Hindi movie song called "Pal, Pal, Pal" (from that sequel to Munnabhai MBBS) made me stop and yell for my hubby to come to the bedroom...(No, it wasnt that kind of song;) try and tell me why the song sounded so familiar...he did, Can you ?
If you can, then try identifying the "inspiration" for the tune and or the lyrics, behind these "gems" from the batons of some highly paid, highly inspired Hindi film music "composers"
  • Kya Kehna
  • Maine Pyaar Kiya
  • Gupt
  • Bichhooo
and many many more, whose name/lyrics I cant remember ,mainly because I found the original much better and couldnt be bothered to listen to rip offs....Incidentally, a lot of latter day western pop stars also do the same, but most of them atleast have the decency to call them cover versions!

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SNO said...

Yes, I fully agree.

Last night there was Annu Malik on Rajat Sharma's Janta ki Adalat trying to tell the world how the Producers and Directors request him to "adapt" popular songs .. and he is so helpless !

Anyway, let's see if our next blogs are on the same issues, Mini .. or is it Monica .. or do you prefer .. Miss .. as we did in School ;) ....


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